UniDive History

Unidive acknowledges that the strength of the club we enjoy today is a reflection of the hard work put in over many years by past members of the club. This page is intended to be a brief history of the Unidive club.

We know that the club has been a around much longer than any of us were member (at least since 1970) so if you were a club member in years gone by and can help us fill in some of the missing dates and events we would love to hear from you (president@unidive.org). If you have any old unidive photos prior to say 1998 of things like the original boat, or an early exec meeting we would love to get copies. We'd also love past members to help fill in our list of past committee members.

Important events we do not have dates for:

Unidive originated when a group of staff and students got together to form the Uni Scuba around 1970 which is now known as Unidive.
John Curtin is first Unidive member to receive life membership.
Phill Best is second Unidive member to receive life membership.
First issue of the club newsletter WobbieGossip was printed.
First boat was purchased in mid 1970 by Unidive.
First boat, sank on the reef and second boat “Uni One” was bought.
See below some of the historical moments in UniDive since 1991 till now.


December 19, MEAM project finished final report with project findings and recomendations, see UniDive MEAM

December 17, Boathandling workshop organised by Chris and Trevor, with four eager participants.

January, 4 trips cancelled due to weather, just a bad year.


November, Boathandling workshop with total of 18 participants of which 10 went out for a day on the water.