Unidive: The University of Queensland Underwater Club

1. I will abide by the Rules and By-Laws of Unidive (The University of Queensland Underwater Club Inc) ("the Club").

2. I will treat Club property and equipment made available for my use with appropriate care and will return it punctually to the Club in the same condition as lent (fair wear & tear excluded).

3. I agree that I will read the user’s manual before using a club dive computer and understand that I use all club gear, including dive computers at my own risk.

4. I will abide by the reasonable directions of Executive members, dive leaders, boat handlers and diving organisers of the Club while participating in Club Activities.

5. I understand that concealment of any condition incompatible with safe diving might put my or others’ lives or health at risk.

6. I will promptly advise any changes or additions to the information appearing above.

7. I agree that I will take responsibility for my own actions and safety and to ensure that I am medically fit to dive.

8. I understand and accept that members under 18 years of age may not vote at club general meetings.

9. I have read and agree to the UQ Sport Affiliated Club Participant Waiver.

10. I understand that it is a condition of membership that I pass the UQ Sport Swim Test before participating in any water-based activities.

Please note that your contact information may be exchanged with members of the club for the purpose of organising a diving trip.