Safety Committee

The Unidive Safety Committee oversees club activities including diving and training, underwater rugby and hockey, incident reporting, site approvals, trailer-tower approvals and boat–handler approvals — to ensure all aspects of the club are conducted safely.

Current Safety Committee (2023/2024):

  • Donna Easton (Chair)
  • Melanie Oey
  • Andy Holland
  • Tim Terton
  • Sue May Liow
  • Mikael Holmqvist

We take safety seriously. If you have any concerns or questions regarding safety within the club, please feel free to approach any of the SC, or contact us on


Previous Safety Committee Members

2022/23 - Donna Easton (Chair), Melanie Oey, Shannon Davis, Sue May Liow, E Peng Seah, Eloise Touchot, Andy Holland

2021/22 - Donna Easton (Chair), Loch Pollard, Melanie Oey, Trevor Barrenger, John Baisden, Will Schwartz

2020/21 - Donna Easton (Chair), Loch Pollard, Melanie Oey, Trevor Barrenger, Andrew O'Hagan

2019/20  - Loch Pollard (Chair), Eloise Touchot, Trevor Barrenger, Andrew O'Hagan, Andrew O'Hagan

2018/19  - Loch Pollard (Chair), Robert Cook, Melanie Oey, Trevor Barrenger, Andrew O'Hagan (was Chair until October 2018)

2017/18 - Justin Marriner (Chair), Robert Cook, Melanie Oey, Ben Reid, James McPherson, Trevor Barrenger, Josh Passenger

2016/17 - Ryan Booker (Chair), Robert Cook, Justin Marriner, Melanie Oey, Chris Roelfsema

2015/16 - Ryan Booker (Chair), Lee Raby, Mel Oey, Chris Rolfsema, Josh Passenger

2014/13 - Ryan Booker (Chair), Josh Passenger, Jason Long, Lee Raby, Melly Oey

2013/14 -

2012/13 - Andy Garvey (Chair), Jeremy Ford, Josh Passenger, Lee Raby, Holger Schuhmann

2011/12 - Andy Garvey (Chair), Jeremy Ford, Jon Chong, Gavin Bott, Tim Copeman, Chris Roelfsema