Citizen Science Based Conservation Projects

UniDive has a history to conduct impacting volunteer projects, where the members get trained in ecological survey and mapping techniques, collect data using those technique, analyse the data and write it up. The UniDive members were taught and collected data trough Coral Watch and Reef Check Australia

As a result UniDive has played an important role in collecting information on a volunteer basis that has support various management decission in the South East Queensland coastal environment.

UniDive members have completed five major project that each included tens of thousands of hours of volunteer work with over 500 dives and included involvement of around hundred members.

Funding and support was found through grants, local inkind support by dive operators and ferry boats.

Output of the projects include next to fun, great experience and team building: technical report, scientific paper and data sets, maps, brochures, leaflets, books and video and media exposure through Dive Log, Australian Geographic, radio and television.

The projects included:

2019-2023 MEAM - Mooloolaba Ecological Assessment and Mapping

2016-2017 FREA - Flinders Reef Ecological Assessment

2013-2014 PLEA - Point Lookout Ecological Assessment

2002-2004 - Grey Nurse Shark Habitat Mapping Project

2000-2002 - Coastcare North Stradbroke Island Surveys