Welcome to your underwater adventures!

UniDive is the best place for your dive adventures at great dive sites! With us you can see sharks, whales, mantas, turtles and other big and small sea life. Even better, it's all really affordable, as all our trips are organized by members and are running on cost recovery base.

If you want to know what's currently going on in the club, check out our EVENT page. There you'll find all the activities listed that are coming up and in which you can participate.

To see a list of some of our favourite dive sites, click on the link to the right!

We organize different levels of dives: For ORGANIZING A TRIP, we have put together a few pages for you, to get inspired as well as get an idea where to start DIVE SITES page and info about the CLUB BOAT.

Note that all Club trips must comply with the dive site classification rules in our Club By-Laws.

OWD - Open water diver and above. These trips are really easy and fun and a good start if you are newly qualified.

EXP - Experienced divers. The minimum requirement for these trips is Advanced or equivalent certification, 30 dives, at 10 different dive sites and you must have dived in the last 6 months. These dives are a bit more challenging and require you to have the required experience for a safe dive.

EXP+ - Experienced diver plus extra requirements. For these trips you need to have EXP level as well as fulfill additional requirements specific to this dive.

TEC - Technical dive. For this dive you need to have the appropriate qualifications and proficiency to use the required gear.

Not a member yet, but you think it looks like you should be, check out the REGISTRATION page for everything you need to know!

Are you a member and a little confused about why there are trips advertised through the email "chat list" and what the difference is between them and the club events advertised on this website? Check out the explanations of our email lists on the members only page (you will need to log in).