Covid Safety Policy

Unidive COVID Safety Policy

v. 4.1 – 20/08/2022

Unidive is committed to ensuring the safety of its members and of the larger community.

All participants in club activities are required to comply with COVID-19 safety measures as defined in this policy.

Changes to this policy are communicated to all club members.

1. Government regulations

Before taking part in any club activities and events, club members are urged to familiarise themselves with the latest directives pertaining to COVID-19 published on the Queensland government’s website:

2. Directions from the University of Queensland and UQ Sport

Members are also required to comply with COVID-safety directions from the University of Queensland and UQ Sport.

This policy may be amended as necessary to implement new directions from the University of Queensland or UQ Sport.

4.1 Vaccination requirement

Vaccination requirement is in line with UQ sport and UQ covid safe policy as well as the QLD government requirements for vaccinations which can be found here,