Underwater Rugby

This is how we make fitness training fun!

Many people have heard of Underwater Hockey (or Octopush), which has been around for decades now, but not so many have heard of Underwater Rugby. But it is real! Despite UQ telling the world about it on April Fools Day... Have a look at what CMAS has to say here.

We love to play Underwater Rugby for fitness and fun and promote the social side of our club. Some people take it more seriously than others and it's up to you how far you go - if you want to compete in interstate competitions, there is now a Brisbane Underwater Rugby Club for you to join! Come down to the UQ pool on a Thursday and join in a friendly game in the shallow (~2 m) pool and/or join in a more serious session out at the Sleeman Sports Complex on Monday nights - in a 5 m deep diving pool!

We're pretty proud of our Unidive Gauls - they've done pretty well in competitions and have hosted a few of their own in the past. We even sent a whole bunch of Unidivers to represent Australia at the World Championships in 2015 and later again in 2019! They've done so well in fact that they've decided it's time to grow up and start their own proper Underwater Rugby Club! One of the first clubs dedicated to the sport in Australia! 

If you want to join the Brisbane Gauls, they train every Wednesday - for more details check out their Facebook page or contact them at gaulsuwr@gmail.com.