Gear Loans

The club has dive gear available for loan to club members only.  If you are taking gear for the first time, please print, read and fill out the Loan agreement and bring it to the shed on Thursday night.

Please note that there is a $60 deposit** in addition to the cost of gear subscription as listed below. We accept EFTPOS at the shed. Please see our Loans Officer on Thursday nights to sort out any gear you may need! 

Gear Weekly Subscription 3 Month Subscription
Reg* + BCD + Wetsuit    $40  $90
Any Two Items $30     $70
Reg Only $20     $50
Wetsuit or BCD only $15     $35
Tank*** (each) $5     $20
Weights*** $5     $20
Bags Included Included

Kangaroo in the headlights!

* Regulator sets (includes octopus (occy), computer, SPG and for some compass)
**Deposit payable when you first hire gear, and refunded when you no longer wish to hire gear. You have 3-months to claim your deposit when you decide to leave the club.

***Tanks and Weights are complementary on club trips (air fills are at cost), loans fees are for private trips.

The Loan Gear is serviced annually as per the manufacturer requirments to meet the safety standards.

What time do I need to be at the shed to loan gear?
6:00 – 6:45pm every Thursday.

What sort of gear is available?
The club has wetsuits, hoods, vests, BCDs, regulators with console computers, compasses and scuba tanks for loan. You need to have your own mask, snorkel, fins, cutting device (knife or line cutter) and safety sausage.

When do I return the loan gear?
All gear must be returned by the following Thursday by 6:30pm. This allows other members to use the gear the following weekend.  We don’t want other members missing out on loan gear for the next trip, so please return gear on time. You risk losing you deposit if gear is not returned promptly. NB: This applies to those with a 3-month subscription. The benefits of a 3-month subscription is that you pay less over the time period to loan gear to do more diving!

What if there is no gear available for loan?
Some weeks there may be more dive trips than we have gear. In this case,  Club Trips will get priority for loan gear. If you are on a Private Trip (non-sanctioned UniDive Trip), keep an eye out for emails from the Loans Officer about the availability of gear for that week. Alternatively, look up a local dive shop in Brisbane that would be able to assist for Private Trips.

Do I need to fill the tank before I return it the following Thursday?
Yes. Tanks must be filled by a commercial operator and a receipt must presented as proof.

Do I need to clean the Loan gear before return?
Yes. All gear is to be returned in the same condition as it was taken.  Wetsuits, regulators and BCDs are to be submersed, rinsed and cleaned in fresh water as soon as practicable after use and returned in a clean state, free from sand/salt both inside and out.  You risk losing your deposit for any damage cased to gear.
Note: Ensure the dust cap is in place before washing the regs and don’t press the purge button!

Can I use Loan gear for research, work trips or overseas trips?
No.  Unfortunately, club Loan gear may not be used for overseas travel, for periods of more than one week (even though you are on a three-month subscription) or for non-recreational or research trips e.g. Heron Island field trip or similar.  This is in the Club Bylaws!

What happens if I Loan gear for a Club Trip and it is canceled due to bad weather?
If this happens, the next lot of gear you hire for a club trip is on us. You just need to let the Loans Officer or assistants know, so they can make a note about it.

Is there anything else I need to know?
We sometimes have cutters, whistles and safety sausages for sale at the shed. If you are going diving you will need these items as it is a requirement in Queensland.

I have a specific question, who do I contact?

How do I use the hire gear's dive computer?
Unidive uses only the Aqua Lung i300 dive computer which is incorporated into the regulator's console. Please read the manual listed below and if you have questions,  come along and ask someone on a Thursday night.  We will be only to happy to assist!  Aqua Lung i300 Manual download.

Files available for download