Point Lookout Ecological Assessment

Update 3 August 2020

Latest Update

The UniDive team created in 2016 a beautiful book about dive sites at Point Lookout "Straddie", there are still a few books for sale at UniDive, Moretonbay Research Station and North Moreton Bay Research Station.

Authors Lock Pollard, Diana Kleine and Chris Roelfsema, like many people to realise how special the dive sites around Point Lookout are. Hence you can now download the pdf of the book.

UniDive PLEA WON Healthy Waterways Stewardships Award and Peoples Choice Award!

Great all those involved and thanks Redland City Council Community program and Sibelco for financial support.

All data, manual and reports accessible on a data depository, see:

You can download the presentations from:

Aim of UniDive PLEA Marine Conservation

Repeat in 2013-2014 the in 2001 by UniDive members completed assessment of the flora and fauna of North Stradbroke Island dive Site, and compare the results with past findings.

Capacity building of UniDive members in marine flora and fauna ID, survey techniques, diving skills and reporting.

See past projects at:

Project involved training of members in fish, invert, substrate identification, coral watch, survey techniques. Followed by practical training of 50 divers during training weekends. Training was provided by volunteers UniDive members, who conduct marine research at University of Queensland or work for CoralWatch and ReefCheck Australia. Core divers were considered those with advanced certificate or higher with 50 or more recent dives.

Survey were conducted during weekends in four seasons (Feb, May, August, November 2014) at Flat Rock and Shag Rock and one at Manta Bommie. Divers were marine information and captured photos and video and were mapping the reefs. Dives were partly subsidised and a total of 535 dives were conducted for the project.

At the end of the project data was analysed and findings and recommendations were communicated through various forms of publications. These include: - Brochures and posters for general information to the public - Methods manual, report with the findings and data sets see - Data sets - Coffee table book about dive sites (check the gear shed) - Social media

Chris Roelfsema Project Organiser UNIDIVE PLEA MARINE CONSERVATION


Financial support: Redland City Council is proud to provide funding for the UniDive PLEA Marine Conservation project as part of the Community Grants Program to assist Redlands Community. as well are Sibelco Stradbroke Sand Mining.

In-kind support: Stradbroke Ferries, and Point Lookout SCUBA Charter

General support:

UQ: Centre for Marine Science; Biophysical Remote Sensing Group; Shark and Ray research group; Moreton Bay Research Station

Other: Reef Check Australia; Coral Watch; Grey Nurse Shark Watch

UniDive members involved with project development: Peran, Carley, Jennifer, Mike, Ryan, Justin, Josh, Douglas, Lee, Pieter, Daniel and Jimmie.

Files available for download