Training -  there is a lot going on at UniDive

Unidive likes to promote and support continuous learning and skills development, as we believe this is an important part of safe and enjoyable diving.

Swim Tests are normally on the first Sunday of each month 2pm, and on the same nights as the club pool nights at 7:30pm. Check the events calendar,

Haven't dived in the last 6 months? You may want to join a refresher workshop!

Contact our training officer if you'd like to know more:

Pool Training - Thursday Nights at UQ Pool

Training includes fitness, technique, fun, freediving, beginner underwater rugby, social underwater hockey and SCUBA and all members can participate. If you want to do SCUBA, you need to have a buddy. Workshops must be booked ahead as places are limited - check the Trip calendar and advertising emails. Please bring fins, mask and snorkel!

On Pool Nights - We are having the full pool to ourselves from 7pm with free entry for members (the club pays a booking fee instead).

Please remember that the free entry is only after 7pm and only for members! 



We are always up to practice, refresh and improve our skills to become safe and competent divers. For this we are running regular workshops with deal with topics like

Refresher  which includes a review of basic diving knowledge and refreshing 20 skills (e.g. gearing up, buddy check, buoyancy, etc etc) and is for certified divers that have not dived for a while, or would like to refresh their skills. If you are unsure you need one? Check here!

Buoyancy & Trim to become perfectly positioned in the water which increases safety, decreases air consumption and protects the environment

Finning to improve your technique and efficiency when moving through the water

Problem scenarios, so that we are well equipped if things go pear shaped while diving and can react calm and considered

Rescue refreshers, to brush up on rescue skills or practice rescuing divers with non-standard gear

Try out workshops, for those who are interested in trying out new gear configurations

DSMB deployment, for those who like to practice 

Boating workshops, for those who are keen to become UniDive Boathandlers and take our dive boat DOWN UNDER out

See the trip calendar and/or emails for dates - these run as often as we have volunteers to run them.

Dive Courses (e.g. Open Water, Advanced, Nitrox, Reef Check, O2, CPR..)

We have members who are qualified instructors and who run courses at cost price for our members. However, these instructors are not paid for their time and run these courses in a voluntary capacity. As such, we do not have a specific schedule and courses are run only when instructors are available.

If you have a particular course you would like to do, please email or check out "Training interest" top right on this page.

Scheduled Courses and workshops are listed on the Unidive Trip Calendar

Who does the training?

Workshops and courses are organised through the UniDive training officer in combination with various UniDive members, divemasters or instructors. The courses are from various agencies (e.g. SSI, PADI, BSAC, NAUI, GUE) and a lot of different types of courses have been taught in the past (Advanced Diver, Rescue Diver, Dive Master, Nitrox Diver, Reef Check Surveyor, O2 Provider, CPR, First Aid, Dry Suit, Underwater Photography, GUE Fundamentals,..).

Most dive courses are taught from shore (e.g. Amity Point, Goldcoast Seaway, Tweed River) or boat (e.g. Point Lookout Dive Charter). None are taught from the UniDive Boat.

How can you get involved with training?

If you are divemaster or instructor and you would like to be involved with training please contact the training officer, UniDive is always happy about more trainers.