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If you are unsuer whom to contact, you can reach the entire committee under:

Our club's Member Protection Information Officer can be contacted at - please keep in mind that MPIOs only provide information, they do not investigate complaints or mediate disputes.

If you're pretty sure who your question should go to, please use the individual committee member's contact addresses:

Chair of the Safety Committee and incident reporting:

Safety Committee (including boating forms and towing etc):

Boathandlers list (for trying organise a trip):

Membership (including "why can't I log in?):

Dive trips (including "I don't know who the organiser is"):

Gear hire (including "How do I get my deposit back?"):

Courses and workshops (potential instructors and students):

Boating questions:

Compressor use, trailers etc:

Social events (including suggestions):

Gear maintenance:

Marine conservation projects:

Newsletter submissions:

Meeting minutes and agenda items:

Reimbursements, budget questions etc:


Everything else (including complaints or feedback): or

PO Box 6236, St Lucia QLD 4067
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