CANCELLED - Cherubs - DownUnder - EXP+ - Mikael


Sun 14 Jul 2024 05:00 — 18:00
Moreton Bay

Event information

This event is full.


Note: Please ensure that you fulfil the requirements outlined below before you sign up.

We plan to go for a double dive at Cherubs. This will be a trip for Experienced divers with at least 40 logged dives across at least 20 sites.

Cherubs Cave is a true jewel among Brisbane's dive sites located on the east side of Moreton Island. It's a hidden cave which is surrounded by rocky gullies and smaller caves and measures around 15 by 20 m in the accessible area and about the same in the inaccessible part. With 20-30 m depth, this site is for the more experienced divers to enjoy.

Each diver must:

  • Be a current Unidive member, medically fit to dive, who passed the swim test.
  • Have dived in the last 6 months.
  • Have an Advanced certification or equivalent from a recognised agency.
  • Have a minimum of 40 dives at 20 different dive sites.
  • Have a suitable "deep" certification from a recognised agency, if diving deeper than 30 m.
  • Have proven experience diving in moderate current from a moored boat (ie not drift diving with a live boat that picks you up).
  • Have proven ability to navigate an unfamiliar site with ability to return to the anchor point.
  • Dive with a DSMB, cutting device and whistle.
    Note: These items are NOT supplied.
    Note: A DSMB is different to a "safety sausage", and you need to have proven ability to deploy a DSMB from your safety stop, ie 5m below the surface.
  • Ensure that they have all required dive gear.
    Bring your own masksnorkel and fins, as Unidive does not provide these.
    If you need to hire other equipment such as BCDregwetsuit, it is your responsibility to hire these before the trip (typically at the Unidive shed on Thursday night before the trip). There will be no time to sort out gear hire on the day of the trip.
    There's no need to hire tanks and weights, as these are included in the trip and will be loaded from the shed on the day.
  • Dive within their certification and capability.
  • Follow instructions given by the Boat Handlers and/or the Dive Supervisor.
  • Help out throughout the whole day.
  • Notify the Dive Officer and Trip Organiser of any changes to their personal circumstances as declared in the event registration form.
  • Attend the trip meeting (usually on the Thursday beforehand at 6:30 pm at the Unidive shed).



If you have any questions about the trip, please email me, mikaelholmqvist at gmail dot com.