Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Joining Unidive

To apply for or renew your membership with UniDive - see the link at the bottom of this page!

Important stuff you need to know:

  • You don’t have to be a UQ student to join Unidive, however you do need a minimum of an Open Water qualification (from any recognised agency) to be able to dive with the club.
  • When signing up to join the club, please make sure you read the TERMS because you will be agreeing to these terms by registering for membership and it's pretty important!
  • Also when registering (and renewing your membership), make sure you read, understand and agree to the PARTICIPANT WAIVER FORM (NEW as of 22.12.21). This will ensure all members stay up to date with the club guidelines!
  • All members of UQ Sport clubs (that will be you) have to pass their "swim test" before they can participate in "water based activities" (which is just about everything we do!). This is 400 m in the pool, with no time or style requirements (just don't touch the bottom or stop for a rest) and 2 minutes treading water. You will need to have the swim test done before you can register for any of our events! So try to get this step done as soon as possible!!
    • You can do your swim test at any of our free pool nights (check the event calendar) or UQ Sports runs swim test sessions weekly, where entry is FREE if you are doing the test. The times you can do the test are Monday-Friday between 9am-3pm, and after 12 midday on Saturdays and Sundays for all clubs (as of 17.04.2024). Just to be safe, contact the UQ pool first and ask them about the best time arrive!
      • PLEASE NOTE: To do your swim test on a free pool night members must make themselves known to a UQ pool staff and be ready to get in the water by 7pm. A lifeguard (usually wearing a bright yellow shirt) will instruct you and will provide you with your certificate upon completion of the test.
    • You will need to be registered (paid) & approved as a member by Unidive (in possession of your login details)  to make use of a free pool night.
  • You won't get your log in details for the website until your account has been approved by the Management Committee. This is generally done after you have demonstrated to the Membership Officer that you are eligible for the type of membership you applied for (e.g. show your student/staff card) and/or showed your scuba certification if you want to go diving.
    • When you think you've done everything, if you still don't have your login details (and you've checked your spam folder), email to ask what's going on
  • If you've recently joined or renewed you may need to register for access to the site, so our memberships officer can verify and activate your account.
  • We're at the shed every Thursday night between about 6pm and 7pm, except the week of Christmas. Weather permitting we're trying to bring out our BBQ every Thursday eve and have vegan/vegetarian/traditional sausages and soft drinks available for $1 (cash only).
  • You should also get added to our two Google Groups email lists as well - look out for the invitation email and accept it. If you don't get added/invited, please remind the Membership Officer to add you.

What are the benefits of joining Unidive?

Once you are a member of Unidive you will be able to go on Unidive trips, hire gear, participate in pool and dive training and have lots of fun! We go out almost every weekend (weather permitting). There are a range of dives from Open Water to Advanced and even Technical (for the suitably qualified), day dives to diving weekends away. The dive calendar and details of the dive sites can be found on this website.

Unidive members are added to our email list and receive emails about upcoming dives, last minute vacancies on trips due to cancellations, Unidive social functions, volunteer opportunities to participate in research and much more.

The Unidive Club meets every Thursday night at the gear shed, located behind the UQ Swimming Pool on Sir William McGregor Drive. New members can sign up and pay membership dues at the shed between 6 pm and 6.45 pm. We encourage you to register online at the top of this page beforehand, as this makes it easier to get you set up on the email list quickly - but your membership won't be active until you've paid.

How much does it cost to join?

  • Students (both UQ and non-UQ) - $40
  • UQ Staff members - $50
  • Non-students - $70

Membership is for 12 months from the time of joining. Once you have paid you can start diving straight away! Although if it's been a while, you will need to a refresher.

Now what?

If you are renewing your membership and paid online you will get approved automatically and can visit us at the shed in order to pick up your new membership card. If you pay by EFTPOS, your membership will be approved instantly after you paid your membership fee at the shed.

If you are new to the club you can visit us at the shed any Thursday 18:00 to 19:00. Please bring your certification card, UQ Sport swim test certificate, as well as student card if you signed up on a discounted rate. Once you have done this and paid your membership fee in person by EFTPOS or online you will get approved and have full access to the activities of the club.


Where is the shed?

"The Shed" is located at the river end of the UQ Pool. UQ parking charges apply until 9pm on weekdays.


See you soon!